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OK, so you're addicted to Pole or Aerial now and want to improve your strength and style by getting the right equipment!  At Yoga & Pole™ (Just 4 MiE Inc.) we are dealer for the BEST poles for home use....X-Pole!  

  • Order X-Pole through the studio and I can help you determine the right pole for you!

  • Learn to Fly! Learn over 30 arm balances and inversions by joining Yogi Flight School Self Study program with our links.

  • We're an authorized distributor for Bad Kitty Pole Fit wear, designed by pole dancers for pole dancers! 

  • We are also an affiliate of Aerial Dance Academy so you can sign up for Aerial courses with our links

  • We carry Mighty Grip products which help you grip and protect all your favorite body parts!  

  • Foxer's booty and boy shorts are another great alternative for style on the pole or under your clothes! Ask to see our selection in the studio.  

Yes, using our links to courses may result in helping the studio out with an affiliate referral program ! Thank you :)



Yogi Flight School can teach you to fly like a ninja!  I didn't think I'd be able to do handstands or arm balances but Yogi Flight School is helping me do just that! It's also taught me so much more and improved my life on and off the mat!

Do it at your own pace by enrolling in the self study program (  <== Click the picture to the left).  To try some free training click the small

picture ==>

Aerial Yoga Academy Courses
Pole Fit by Bad Kitty

This pole wear is super cute and functional!  It also can do double duty as swimwear!  Check out our remaining stock next time you're in the studio!



The #1 Professional Grade Exercise/Dance Pole on the market! And it's the one we recommend for home use!


There is no other pole that is both stationary & spinning, bottom-loading that features the revolutionary X-Joint! With the X-Pert´s unique adjuster system, you can expand and fully lock the pole in position without ever leaving the ground. 

Men wear boxers, we wear Foxers!  Cute booty and boy shorts for dance or just for hanging out around the house!  Check them out next time you're in the studio!


Mighty Grip

Let's face it, when you're trying those new moves and your palms start sliding, it's hard to build your strength and perfect your form.  Not to mention those pole kisses when you expose virgin skin to the pole!  Mighty Grip products not only grip but can help protect those sensitive places while you train!


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