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"Great step by step, easy to learn, I don't walk away feeling like I have been hit by a mac truck. A great combination of all styles." Carolin G



"Would highly recommend! Lots of fun, great instructor, learned some hot moves, and a hardcore workout!" ~ Jennifer D


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"I would have never thought that I would ever entertain the thought of this type of fitness. So very wrong!!

... Special thanks to my "pole guru" Lynne.  You have shown/taught me that an everyday woman can be: fit, adventurous, sexy and feel good about one's self; inspite of life's challenges and demands" Ally L 



"Highly recommend!!! Lynne is a wonderful instructor (and has incredible patience)... Everyone should try a class, but be warned... You will become hooked!" ~ Robyn A



"This is where I take my dance class. Lynne is an awesome teacher and the price is right. So if you've ever thought about getting in touch with your inner goddess......."  ~ Sarah N



Lynne's classes are professional, fun and a great workout! You get to explore your sexy side with dim lighting and learn some new moves with Lynne. Her studio is very classy from the time you walk in the front door to the dance room...including the change room that has a vanity area to get yourself freshened up afterwards. Can't wait for the class when we get to wear those high, sexy heels! ~ Debbie I.



"Everything was amazing. So have to do this again" ~ @Groupon #HappyCustomer



"Enjoyed the class and introduction very much. It was a very comfortable and inviting atmosphere and Lynne really made us feel welcome. I would definitely recommend Just4Mie to any of my friends looking for a different and fun way to get fit." ~ @Groupon #HappyCustomer



"I am signing up for the introductory class and can't wait to see results, but more importantly, gain confidence and have fun. I highly recommend Just 4 MiE - Lynne is a fantastic, confident and patient instructor." ~ @Groupon #HappyCustomer

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