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Instructors 200+hrs certified


Just starting out? No worries, whatever your level, there are always modifications for you to keep learning and progressing! 

Our classes are kept small so you get lots of personal attention!


Gentle Yoga ​

Ease your body and mind!

Time to see what it's all about! You may have reservations about yoga and if it is right for you due to your flexibility, injury, age, physical appearance, and even gender. However, Yoga classes welcome all with open arms. No experience required! Just wear comfortable fitness or yoga wear. 


Try Pole Dancing
Yin with Lynne

Deep stretching poses for release!

Great release before heading home to bed and to balance the Yang of active practices. Yin yoga is more passive practice designed to get into the stiffer connective tissues: tendons, ligaments and fascia.  I lead you through a sequence of poses held for several minutes each to allow for the total release of the tensions encountered in your day.  Release your tension and calm your mind for a deep restful sleep!  (when you get home ... I won't leave you in the studio!)

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Vinyasa Flow

You'll work at your own level in classes that focus on connecting the flow of your movement to your breath. This style of yoga not only builds your strength and flexibility, but also improves your muscle tone, confidence and boosts self-image. 

Pole dancing classes burlington
Restorative Yoga

Rest, rejuvenate, relax and realign.

Restorative Yoga is relatively new compared to some styles that are centuries old!  It is a more passive style of yoga as your body is fully supported using yoga props.  Restorative not only helps ease body stresses but also stresses of the mind. You de-stress, re-energize and find balance in your mind and body.  Restorative yoga has been used for everything from mental health, digestive health, respiratory issues, weight loss and other health issues. Restorative poses are held for longer periods because you are fully supported giving you the time to practice training your mind to slow down.


One of the six original branches of yoga, “hatha” is a physical yoga practice and encompasses nearly all types of modern yoga.  A basic and classical approach to yogic breathing exercises and postures (asanas) that asks you to bring your attention to your breath, which helps you to still the fluctuations of your mind, and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

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By Donation.

Health benefits of meditation is no longer in doubt but how to get started? Come and practice with Sunil who has been practicing and teaching all forms of serene and dynamic meditation for decades. Whatever your comfort level, we will make sure you touch peace and calm. Following teachings of ancient masters like Buddha, Patanjali, Shiva, and Krishna he guides you into a mindfulness presence.

Meditation Oakville

Majority Rules!   

The Class determines which style of yoga is taught!  Don't worry, there are always modifications so all levels can participate.


Try Something NEW!!   

I know you have your favorite work out or practice but there are many varieties and styles to choose; so mix it up every once in a while to keep it fresh.  Changing your routine is good for your mind and body and you never know, you may end up with a new favorite! 


What to Wear to a Yoga Class: 

The attire is general work-out wear: t-shirts/tank top + yoga pants /capris or shorts!  You will want it to have enough stretch for unrestricted movement but not loose enough that it will fall off when you bend over!  Shoes stay at the door, so expect to be in bare feet (socks or leg warmers are fine too)

Pay in Studio or Square (button near top) with Debit or Credit.  HST added at checkout.

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