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Yoga & Pole Oakville

Pole & Aerial Yoga Classes

You'll get a meditation, a workout and time with friends...whether or not you knew anyone before class! Many people think the only reason to learn pole dance is to perform for someone else. So wrong! We do this for ourselves, you will be amazed how great you feel!  Nothing is more attractive than a woman who is confident and comfortable with who she is. If you choose to share what you've learned… that is a gift, not a requirement! 

Aerial Yoga is a great conditioning practice for pole or on it's own!  It builds flexibility, strength and is just plain fun!  You haven't experienced total relaxation until you've experienced savasana in the hammock!


Intro to Pole (First Class)

Get your Goddess her first set of wings!

Time to see what it's all about! This is a one time class that will give you the flavour of what you can expect at Yoga & Pole by Just4MiE! It is the same as the first class of the Beginners Pole Series A so if you are already sure you want to learn to pole dance, sign up for the Beginners Pole Series A. No experience required! Just wear comfortable fitness or yoga wear. No shoes required. Don't wear any lotion or jewelry on your hands...we don't want you flying off the pole!

Paid for with Class Passes or Drop In Pass 

Try Pole Dancing
Slink & Spin (Beginner A&B)​

The Basic Moves, Spins and Sits.

Just starting out? You learn all the basics in Beginners Pole Series A! You'll work at your own pace and strength level as you build on your natural beauty with sultry moves on the floor, walls and of course, the pole!! You will begin to master spins, slides, sits & in Beginner B you will make your first climb! You'll build your core and upper body strength to prepare your body and mind for more challenging moves as you let your inner vixen out to play.  Beginner A is a 5-week session that you complete before moving on to Beginner B. Paid for with Pole Series.   Register at least one week prior to the series start to get Earlybird pricing. If there is no Beginner Series running, sign up for the All Level drop in.

Pole dancing classes burlington
Flying Sky Monkeys (Phase 2)

Climbing. Spinning and Flying tricks.

OK, you've got the basics down and your goddess is feeling strong and more comfortable ... it's time for some new challenges! You'll take what you've learned and add a new "spin"... yes! spinning poles! In Flying Sky Monkeys you will give your goddess angel wings and learn some spinning, flying tricks, climb to the  ceiling and enjoy your first upside down tricks! Don't worry, you wont spend the entire hour spinning and, Of course you'll learn ways to get down from the ceiling too!

Paid for with Class Passes.  

Pole Dancing lessons Oakville
Flip & Spinny (Phase 3)

Upside down and spinning pole moves.

Time to remember your inner child and let her flip upside down on the pole and advance your strength moves. Now that you've built some strength and control you'll also incorporate moves you learned in Sky Monkeys on the spinning poles!  We also allow lots of time for freestyle and perfecting your moves while exploring your individual style

Paid for with Class Passes.  

Pole Dancing classes Oakville
Open Pole (No Instruction) ​

Practice what you've learned and just have fun!

Your time to work on moves, routines, tricks & transitions, play dress up or just have fun!  Not a structured class, just time to let your inner child, goddess and/or vixen out to play!  Open to all levels as long as you are comfortable dancing without spotting or at least willing to try dancing on your own!

Paid for with Class Passes.  

Pole dancing classes burlington
Aerial Yoga

Upside down and cocooning in your hammock.

Time to remember your inner child and let them flip upside down supported by the yoga hammock.  Great for flexibility and strength training. You'll use the assistance of the fabric while refining your poses.  You work on supported balance moves,  stretches and inversions while the hammock assists you! Beginners welcome. Paid for with Class Passes.  

Not appropriate for people with eye pressure issues.

Pole Dancing classes Oakville

Pay in Studio or Square (button near top) with Debit or Credit .  HST added at checkout.

What to Wear to a Pole Dance Class: 

The attire is general work-out wear (t-shirts/tank top + yoga pants /capris or shorts) with bare legs only being necessary beyond the beginner levels. Knee coverage makes spinning more comfortable at the initial levels.  There is never any nudity, any peels are done with additional clothing. We are normally in bare feet;  pole dance shoes are optional!


What NOT to Wear for Pole Dancing:

For the safety of you and your fellow twirlers, no lotions the day of class or jewelry during class  please

What NOT to Wear for Aerial Yoga:

Anything with a rough or sharp edge as it can rip the hammocks.  So leave watches, jewelry,  embellished or bedazzled clothing at home and wear soft snug comfortable clothing and bare hands during class, please

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