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Just4MiE Jazz Split

About MiE

Why MiE?  'Cause every Me should have a little " i " !


Many people ask how I got involved in pole dancing.  It's really quite simple, I tried it and I was hooked!  But why did I try this??  I was in a car accident and hurt my back and neck. I could no longer run which, although I wasn't very good at it, had been my way of keeping the extra pounds in control from my less than stellar eating habits. I was living in AZ and remembered how Demi Moore had said she was in the best shape ever after learning pole dancing for a movie role.  So I tried it.  


Turns out it was great for my back because building the core strength and flexibility for pole helped support my back! Not only that but I found I got as much emotionally from it as I did physically. I always left the studio feeling better than when I went in.  That's why I refer to it as Pole Therapy!  


Contrary to the belief of some, this kind of pole dancing empowers women! You will be amazed at what your mind and body can do with patience and practice. You learn to respect your body's strengths and your own unique beauty. You gain confidence, self-worth and have buckets of fun while doing it!

When I was transferred back home with the day job, I wanted to share this great feeling with everyone.  That's how Just4MiE was born!


Just4MiE's studio is designed for your comfort. Worried about seeing your jiggly bits in the mirror? No worries! We can cover them when you're just starting.  We want your focus to be on your form and not what you see in the mirror! Let your instructors voice guide you.  You'll gradually prepare your body and mind for what's to come so you don’t injure yourself, even if you don’t start out at a high level of fitness!


Come join us for your Pole Therapy!


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